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This public group is managed by Christian Off-Road Association Kansas City in an effort to provide community service to the greater Kansas city area during an emergency response effort due to inclement weather, natural disaster or search & rescue. If you are in a true emergency please dial 911. We are a group of volunteers who’ll use our skills, vehicles and tools to help support the metro KC area when things get bad.

KCERT is here to support local communities and first responders when more man power is needed. We are also available to assist first responders, doctors and nurses, and other identities of importance during emergency situations as a means of transportation to them to their hospitals, FEMA centers, etc. Also, if public transportation is shut down due to the situation, we will volunteer rides for those needing to get to hospitals, dialysis centers, etc.

KCERT is here to help. If you need help, just post here your need and response will be sent out. If you are in a true emergency, call 911. We encourage all those wanting to volunteer to inbox the admins and we will get that setup. All volunteers are encouraged to successfully go thru your county’s CERT training. If you need help with finding out who to contact in your county about CERT, inbox an admin and a contact will be given. We are not here to pull out vehicles stuck off-roading. NO SALE OR SOLICITATION IS ALLOWED. Volunteers are not to accept any form of payment.


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